You Got Me Started

Robert Rivera & Drexmeister Remix

Our remix for Distant People.

The Hunted

Greyson Pure

Description Greyson Pure’s new track The Hunted is about losing hope and grip on reality. A dreamy yet haunting atmosphere represents the internal fights that we as humans…

Let Go

Greyson Pure

Greyson Pure’s Let Go is full of uplifting energy. Writing and producing this track was an easy process with lots of fun in the studio. Not overthinking choices…

Just For You

Greyson Pure

Greyson Pure’s newest release is called Just For You. There is a lot to discover in this one, lots of ear candy you could say. The track is…


Greyson Pure

You know you shouldn’t, but just one last time, go ahead, scratch the itch and go back again. To that moment, that feeling, that person. Just to feel…

Secret Love

Drexmeister ft. Sven Larssen

Secret Love is a vocal electronica track, accompanied by a deeper Dwight Brown remix and Nero Grey’s Dug Deep Remix. Sven Larssen is born In Rotterdam, The Netherlands….


Drexmeister feat. Roxanne Bourne

Solitone Music proudly presents Drexmeister feat. Roxanne Bourne ‘Truth’.

Wait for me

Drexmeister feat. Landa Perdon

Solitone Music proudly presents Drexmeister feat. Landa Perdon ‘Wait for me’.

Warm Embrace Remastered

Greyson Pure

Solitone Music proudly presents the remastered Greyson Pure first EP titled ‘Warm Embrace’.

Running Around Remixes

Drexmeister ft. Merel Sluman

Solitone Music proudly presents the remixes of Drexmeister feat. Merel Sluman ‘Running Around’.

Embrace The Remix

Greyson Pure

Greyson Pure is mixing things up a bit! ‘Embrace The Remix’ contains four brand new tracks that have been inspired by their 2018 EP ‘Warm Embrace’.

Loose Ends

Greyson Pure

Greyson Pure’s second release of 2020 is something to dance to. “Loose Ends” is a track with a steady pace that will make you get up and move…


Greyson Pure

A song idea recorded in a bathroom to catch the intended mood grew into a detailed piece filled with delicacy and strength. Emotional lyrics and violins are countered…

Traxsource August top 10


Here are my house & soulful house picks for august 2019. I hope you like the selection, I do 🙂 Enjoy!

Running Around

Drexmeister feat. Merel Sluman

Running Around is the true story of Merel. She wrote the song as she was working various jobs to make ends meet while persuing her passion. Jasper “Drexmeister”Drexhage…