Solitone Music proudly presents Drexmeister feat. Landa Perdon ‘Wait for me’.

2004 meets 2019 during one of Drexmeister’s and Landa Perdon’s Sunday Sessions. The past and present merge into this song about love, changes that sometimes have to be made and the hard times you have to go through to save love. This song is about asking for time, knowing that this is the love of your life, even if not everything goes the way you want. It’s about hope that everything will be alright, but is this enough? Can the other person wait? A song that asks for a bit more time.

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Drexmeister feat. Landa Perdon – Wait for me

Composed and produced by Drexmeister.
Lyrics and vocal composition by Landa Perdon & Drexmeister.

Mastered by Jasper ‘Drexmeister’ Drexhage for Solitone Music.

P C 2020 Solitone Music. All rights reserved
Published by Solitone Publishing

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