Secret Love is a vocal electronica track, accompanied by a deeper Dwight Brown remix and Nero Grey’s Dug Deep Remix.

Sven Larssen is born In Rotterdam, The Netherlands. At a young age he started singing in cover and metal bands. After doing this for a couple of years he formed Radiopahonic Oddity together with Christian Harreveld and recorded songs on a weekly base. This how he came in contact with Drexmeister and Dwight Brown. They al shared the passion of making music. This collaboration led to the writting of Secret Love.

The song needed a special feeling witch we did not find at the time. They all loved the song but it needed a special touch. A few years later Drexmeister made an instrumental song and just needed some lyrics on top. That’s when Secret Love was rediscovered. They teamed up and made several renditions of the song for all you to hear.

For Sven music is like a friendship. We are bound by matching lyrics, notes and chords.


Sven Larssen – Secret Love

Drexmeister Rework – composed and produced by Drexmeister
Dwight Brown Remix – composed and produced by Dwight Brown
Nero Grey’s Dug Deep Remix – composed and produced by Nero Grey
Lyrics by Sven Larrsen
Mastered by Jasper ‘Drexmeister’ Drexhage for Solitone Music.

P C 2021 Solitone Music. All rights reserved

Published by Solitone Publishing